Celebrity inspired looks on a Walmart budget

Celebrity inspired looks on a Walmart budget


…Ladies and gentlemen believe it or not you are most definitely reading another Blog from me in the same month! Who am I?! Hollllaaaaaa look at me go. I told y’all 2020 is a year of nothing but goodies for this blog! Anywho, on today’s blog I went to Walmart with a few inspirational images and used them as inspiration for these outfits all for under $100 (total)! Soo if you want to see how I achieved celebrity inspired looks on a Walmart budget, then keep reading..

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 2.13.58 PM

Of course I had to start this blog off with an Emma Chamberlain inspired look. Who better to copy than queen Emma herself? My favorite piece from this whole blog is this $9 fuzzy jacket. These jackets have been so trendy and popular this year I just had to snag this one to see what the hype was about. And if I’m being completely transparent I haven’t taken it off since I got it (whoops lol) . I paired this jacket with the cutest $11 silver Fila inspired sneakers, $10 jeans from the men’s department (I’m wearing a men’s 29×34 (I’m typically a small/medium)), this $3 tank and $5 belt. These jeans are the perfect  mom jean that i’m going to distress, fray and DIY.  This outfit would be super cute paired with gold chunky accessories and a news boy hat with a pair of cheetah booties. *I’m wearing..sherpa size L, men’s pants size 29×34, shirt size XS*


Secondly, for all my Kardashian lovers of course I had to do a look by none other than Khloe Kardashian. These camo joggers are $14, the white tank ($3) (does come in that green color, they were just currently out of my size at my Walmart), the all black fanny pack is $1, all paired with the cutest $11 fila inspired sneakers. I love this casual look for under $30, but I am most excited to style these camo joggers with a black blazer and a pair of heels for a nice night downtown! *I’m wearing..shirt  size XS, pants size S*


These next two looks are inspired by the legend, the icon, the one and only.. Hailey Bieber. For the first look I paired these $5 grey sweatpants (can I get an AMEN for the men’s department sweatpants), $3 tank from the previous look (as well as the fanny pack and shoes), and added this $17 cream cardigan. My new favorite look is wearing these sweatpants with my white target booties, a denim jacket and a printed graphic tee. *I’m wearing.. shirt size XS, cardigan size S, sweatpants size M* 


For the second Hailey Bieber inspired look I paired the men’s joggers from above ($5) with the matching sweatshirt (men’s section $5 sweatshirt) that I cropped with my eyelash scissors (yeah that’s how committed I am to getting this blog up ASAP). This DIY cropped sweatshirt is perfect paired with cloth flare pants and a denim vest, topped off with the perfect pair of platforms. *I’m wearing joggers size M, cropped sweatshirt size L*

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 2.15.52 PM

Saving the best for last right? One of my absolute favorite looks is this Emma Chamberlain inspired fit. Emma wears the CUTEST (I MEAN CUTEST) plaid pants like 24/7, so when I saw these on the clearance rack for $9.. do you blame me?! I also paired it (like she did above) with a black short sleeved crop top (That was $5!!!). On top of that we all knew I had to pair it with her statement sherpa jacket and my Doc Martins (the only thing in this blog that isn’t from Walmart, and you can’t even see them hollla). Also super excited because these pants would be a perfect business casual outfit with a black blazer and a plain pair of loafers! *I’m wearing.. shirt size S, sherpa size L, pants size M*

If you read this far down, first of all thank you.. secondly.. I hope you RUN not walk.. to your nearest Walmart and find all the goodies that I did! I listed my size in these things for size reference but if you have specific questions on my sizing just reach out!

.. As always, thank you all for the love and support on this blog and my previous blog(s) it means the absolute world to me! If you have any questions or specifics feel free to reach out to me on my personal instagram @shelbymotes or my fashion insta @inTHREADablefindS and as always put your email in above to be notified every time I post.

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Styling hair scarves

Styling hair scarves


….Phewwww  it has been about three+ months since my last post, but I am so excited to finally share today’s post with all of you! On today’s blog I’m sharing my top 10(ish) ways to style hair scarves. If you’re trying to justify buying hair scarves or telling yourself you have no clue how to style a simple piece of fabric, then this blog will be perfect for you! (Small tip:  Hair scarves come in different shapes and styles so pay attention to which ones you’re buying. Some come in bandana triangle shapes, and some come as a long simple pieces of fabric)

The first and also my favorite way to style any and all hair scarves is around the neck. It’s super simple and chic yet adds so much texture to any outfit! Most hair scarfs come as a triangle of cloth making it super easy to unfold and tie in the back to get this look!


Another way I wear my “hair” scarves is on my purse! It super simply to just tie on any purse and add some color to any plain handbag. (Not gonna lie. It’s also super useful for when you think you’re having a good hair day and BOOM, jokes on you, you aren’t… but simple fix because, you remember you have cute hair scarf around your purse you can use to put up your hair with! Problem solved! Some would say that’s “knocking out two birds with one stone” lol).


The third way you can wear a hair scarf is in your bun! Simply just put your hair up in a regular bun and tie your hair scarf around the base of your bun leaving the ends flared out towards the back of the bun. This is one of my favorite ways to dress up a messy bun Or add just add some color while securing your bun on the beach!


The fourth way I have been styling my hair scarves since I found them is a simple half up half down bun. This look is so cute and easy for summer days strolling through the heat! I call this look the “my hair isn’t clean enough to wear these curls for the 4th day in a row so I throw half of it up and add a scarf so it looks like i didn’t just roll out of bed” look. I’ve learned the best way to secure the hair scarf in this look is to use a regular pony tail band to tie up your bun, then put the hair scarf in and double knot it on top of the bun leaving the ends draping on both sides of the bun.



The fifth way is one of the most simple ways to wear a hair scarf. Simply just wrap the hair scarf around your pony, let the sides drape on each side and you’re done!

The sixth and seventh way to style hair scarves are the most basic and common ways to style them. The first being simply tying it in the front around your neck leaving the sides to fall on their own! And of course secondly the most basic of the basic… tying it around your wrist to look like a bracelet or a cute scrunchie!

Last three ways not pictured (I do apologize somehow these pictures disappeared(story of my life)):

The eighth way I have been loving wearing my hair scarves is as a headband! For this hair scarf look you need a longer hair scarf than usual since you are wrapping it around your head and tying it under your hair. (Altar’d State just got the cutest long hair scarf that would be perfect for this look: Long mustard hair scarf). Start by taking the center of the scarf and placing it on the center of your head aligning it with the back of you ears (that’s confusing but I have full confidence you can get that) and pulling the sides of the scarf towards the bottom of your hair. Aligning both sides behind your ears and tying at the nape of your neck. For this style I like to pull some hair out at the front leaving some hair to frame my face!

The ninth way to style a hair scarf is a braided bun! Start with putting your hair in a high rubber banded ponytail and then tuck one end of the hair scarf into that pony band securing it at the top of the pony and allow the rest of the scarf to hang with the hair from the pony. Next, braid that loose pony in a simple three strand braid and pick a section to add the rest of the hair scarf into, making it a part of a section that you are braiding. Once the braid is complete and the scarf is a part of the braided hair, tie the end and wrap the braid around the base of the pony tail in a circular motion and pin to your desired look ( I pull the side hairs of my braid out to make my hair look thicker and the braid look more dense) !

And finally the last way … saving one of the best for last…the last one is simple but super cute with big curls or crimped hair! Flip you hair upside down so it’s all in your face, and then take the center of the scarf and put it at the nape of your neck. Then you’re going to wrap it to the front of you face (as you’re flipping your hair back over) and tie a knot with the hair scarf at the top of your head in a bow and BOOM 80’s look achieved!!!

(A few of my favorite places to get them are Altar’d StateMadewellForever 21AnthropologieTarget, and Free People )

.. As always, thank you all for the love and support on this blog and my previous blog(s) it means the absolute world to me! If you have any questions or specifics feel free to reach out to me on my personal instagram @shelbymotes or my fashion insta @inTHREADablefindS and as always put your email in above to be notified every time I post. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs, I have so many exciting things in the works for 2020 (reason for taking 3+ months to post this) and cannot wait to share them with you!

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My top three accessories

My top three accessories


Ahhh… it has been a hot minute since I have posted a blog but, I am so excited to finally have some time to sit down and finally write this blog for all of you! In today’s blog I decided to share my top three accessories and how to style them. If you couldn’t tell what my top three accessories are (I would be a tad disappointed) then keep reading below to see how and why these are always my go-to accessories!



Accessory 1:  Of course you all know I HAD to use my famous statement: hair scarfs. If you know me, you know I have a hair scarf on me at ALL times. Whether it’s in my hair, on my wrist, around my neck, on my purse, around my belt loop or even around my shirt strap, you will ALWAYS catch me with a hair scarf (and if you don’t, run far far away because that means I’m having a bad day lol). Hair scarves (or an ascot scarf) are the easiest way to dress up an outfit whether it be a splurge of color or just an extra print to bring an outfit together. A few of my favorite places to get them are Altar’d StateMadewellForever 21AnthropologieTarget, and Free People.  The best part of these are; there are over 5 ways to wear this simple scarf which makes them worth every penny. (Blog coming soon on all ways to wear these so stay tuned).




Accessory 2: Another accessory you will almost always see me with is a hat. I am a major hat guru. I sadly have over 45 hats (it’s embarrassing I know, but we are all friends here) and my hat collection grows almost daily. Hats are the most fun way to add an accessory to any outfit. The best part about hats is you can wear them all year. There are summer hats, winter hats and fall hats that compliment every outfit for every season. There are multiple ways to wear hats, whether your hair is in a low bun, braids, curled down, or even in side braids. A hat is the cutest way to spice up a casual outfit. Another wonderful thing about hats is they cover up bad hair days (can I get an AMEN). A few of my favorite spots for hats are Altar’d StateFree PeopleAnthropologieForever 21Lizard Thicket and most local boutiques always have the CUTEST hats.



Accessory 3: Lastly the third accessory I chose as my top three are hair clips. I remember being 5 years old and trying to fit as many hair clips imaginable into my hair at once. Yet here we are again 16 years later I’m still trying to put as many in my hair as possible (lol of course I am). They are so simple and cute but actually truly serve a purpose (I know you are all thinking, “Shelby doing something that has more than an aesthetic purpose”, surprisingly, yes). They are super trendy right now and almost everywhere sells them but a few of my favorite places to buy them are Lizard ThicketAltar’d StateSheinRue21Urban Outfitters, and lastly Walmart.



Moral of the story.. these are my current top three accessories (of course I LOVE all accessories but these are the three you won’t see me without). As always if you have any questions or specifics feel free to reach out to me on my personal instagram @Youngmotes or my fashion insta @inTHREADablefindS and put your email in above to be notified every time I post. Stay tuned for more in depth blogs on some of these accessories and more summer looks to follow!

xoxo- inTHREADable findS

All things Greenville, SC and Travelers Rest, SC you NEED to visit

All things Greenville, SC and Travelers Rest, SC you NEED to visit


Finally I am doing a blog on all things Greenville/Travelers Rest, South Carolina. After living here for about 8 years, I consider myself  an official Greenville/ TR girl! On today’s blog I will share all my favorite restaurants, night out activities, favorite coffee shops, favorite shopping areas, and all things Greenville! All of the places listed below I have actually been to more than once so it truly is an honest review. If you know of any other places you think I should try, feel free to shoot me an email or DM on insta. I would love to check it out! At the very bottom of today’s blog, I posted my favorites from the best menus in town!

*For all of the things I talked about I did attach a clickable link to their insta (if available)!

For the food junkies: 

Greenville food (mostly downtown):

Up on the roof (aesthetically pleasing for photos lol), Grill Marks, Carolina Ale House, Pomegranate on main, Larkins (high end but super yummy and worth the $$), Tupelo Honey, Sassafras Bistro, Soby’s (Sunday brunch is the absolute best), Hall’s chophouse (worth the money), Smoke on the Water, Jianna’s Italian, Nose Dive, Cantina 76, Sushi Murasaki, LTO burger, Tanners Big Orange, Bad Daddy’s burger bar, Chicken Salad Chick, Sully steamers, Biscuit head, Cheesecake Factory, Brick Street Cafe

Travelers Rest Food:

 Farmhouse Tacos, Sidewall Pizza company, Sushi yama, Tandem (aesthetically pleasing), Rocket Surgery, Molinas, Little Pigs BBQ, Pizza Inn, Monkey Wrench BBQ

Drinking/Coffee houses in Greenville:

Yee Haw Brewing (alcohol) , SIP downtown (sells alcohol), Liberty Tap Room (alcohol/ good food as well), Methodical Coffee (extremely aesthetically pleasing),  Coffee Underground, West End coffee shop, Spill the beans, Liquid highway, The village grind (aesthetically pleasing), Port City Java, Caviar and bananas

Drinking/ Coffee houses downtown TR:

 Tandem, Upcountry Provisions, Tree house cafe and studio, Tru Broth coffee house, Rocket Surgery (alcohol) , Swamp Rabbit Brewery and taproom (alcohol)

Sweet Treats TR and Greenville: 

Clemson Confectionaries *HANDS DOWN MY #1 PLACE* (worth the drive to Clemson),The donut experiment, Kilwins (DT greenville), Gigis cupcakes, The chocolate moose (DT Greenville), Creme Shack (DT Greenville), Nothing Bundt cakes,  Southern Pressed Juicery (smoothies/ acai bowls/ healthy things/ aesthetically pleasing), Strossners, O-CHA Tea bar (DT Greenville) , Pink Mamas (Downtown TR), Upcountry Provisions (Downtown TR), The chocolate shoppe, Marble slab creamery (DT Greenville), Funnel delicious (DT Greenville), Brick street cafe (DT Greenville), Luna rose gelato (DT Greenville), Cakes by U, TReats (Downtown TR),

Activities you want to do that you haven’t: 

Greenville: Spare time, Top golf, The Greenville Zoo, Find the Mice On Main , LeMans indoor karting, walk/bike/run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, The children’s museum (super fun for kiddos (and adults like me, tons to do ALL day), Craft Axe Throwing, Liberty Bridge at Falls Park, Visit the Greenville Drive games (Season: April 4- August 29, 2019), NOMA Square Downtown Greenville, Downtown Greenville Trolly, McPherson Park, Taylors Mill, Big Air trampoline park, Breakout Escape room, See a show at the Peace Center, Artisphere (May 10-12, 2019. Always next year to go!), Fall for Greenville (October 11-13, 2019), Euphoria (September 19-22, 2019), Greek Festival (May 16-19, 2019)

Sight seeing:

Sassafras Mountain, Bald Rock Heritage, Caesars Head State park, Jones Gap State Park, Visit Falls park, Pretty Place, Blue Ridge Escarpment, Paris Mountain

Shop till you drop areas/ stores:

Greenville: Vestique, Shops at Greenridge (especially Lizard Thicket Boutique and Five Below) , Haywood Mall, Downtown stores: Traveling chic boutique ( go see my girl Sydney ), Dress up, Anthropologie, Cherrydale Plaza (TJMaxx, Ross, Shoe carnival, Old Navy)

Travelers Rest: Silver Lilly, the flop shop, goose feathers

My favorites:

Tandem: Honey lavender latte and the lumberjack crêpe, Clemson Confectionaries: Honestly so hard to pick but.. Brandi Batter, Monster Dough, and  ALL of her newest summer ones (pictured above), Pink Mamas ice cream: Graham central station and cappuccino crunch, Brick street cafe: Ultimate grilled cheese and of course a slice of sweet potato cake (the best cake you will ever have), Farmhouse Tacos: Smokehouse duck quesadilla (honestly the best quesadilla I’ve EVER had), jalapeño mac and cheese (or charred corn cob) and the camp fire s’mores dessert (mini camp fire and flame at the table to roast your own marshmallows), Molinas: Mole americano with no onions (lol not a onion girl) and extra cheese, Grill Marks: Hawaiian punch burger with white truffle parmesan cheese fries or the sweet potato fries, and of course a freaks-ahoy shake (or any of the shakes because they are bangin), LTO Burger: Dive nachos, smokey and the bandit burger, loaded tots,  Stone cold sally shake (pictured above), Cinnamon roller girl, Southern Pressed Juicery: Bees knees bowl, and the green monstah bowl.

…Well friends I hope these fews things helped if you are new to Greenville or just looking for some new things to try out! There is so much more to do than the things I discussed, but these are just a  few of my favorites and I think they will quickly become yours as well! As always if you have any questions or specifics feel free to reach out to me on my personal instagram @Youngmotes or my fashion insta @inTHREADablefindS and as always put your email in above to be notified every time I post. You won’t want to miss my next few blogs so until then.. stay tuned!

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How to style graphic tees

How to style graphic tees

Hey friends welcome back to my blog!!

On today’s blog I figured I would touch base on how I style my graphic tees. As much as I love dressing up, I also love dressing casual and comfy as well. One of my favorite ways to do this is though graphic tees. These are a few outfits I would wear if i’m going on vacay (traveling in the car), to the airport, to grab a quick coffee, to class, etc etc.. I love wearing and styling graphic tees differently because it allows me to have a differentiation between dressing up a graphic tee and dressing an outfit down with a graphic tee. So with all that being said, if you want to see how I style my graphic tees, where I get super cheap and cute graphic tees, and all things graphic tees (lol) keep reading…

(*As always to shop my look just click “outfit #1, outfit #2”..etc )

Outfit #1: For outfit one I paired my $7.88 “The Beatles Abbey Road” graphic tee with my Levis denim jacket, my dollar tree hat (yes I just said my hat from DOLLAR TREE, lol don’t judge I went in there for a card and left with a fedora for a whopping ONE DOLLAR), the cutest sombrero inspired clutch with a pair of my favorite $7 target white mules. Because I’m 5’9 I had to buy a 3x for it to fit me like a dress, but you could also pair this with biker shorts and size down in the shirt.


Outfit #2: For outfit two I switched out the denim jacket and mules and added my go to flannel around the waist, a pair of black biker shorts from Ross I got for $5 (they still have tons left if you are looking for cheap biker shorts), and my chunky sneakers I got for $12 at target. This outfit would be super cute as well if you switched out the biker shorts and put girlfriend jeans instead. If you haven’t noticed already, I am a huge fan of tying denim shirts, flannels, or any kind of button down shirt around my waist. I do this because it adds texture to an outfit, provides something to put on if it gets chilly, and it also slims down your waist if you’re wearing something oversized or bulky. My main tip on wearing oversized things or flowy dresses or tops, is to either tie a knot in the center or to put something around your waist like I have pictured below. Another thing I do when wearing a graphic oversized tee is put a trendy, tight plain belt around your waist. It adds accessories to dress it up a bit, as well as accentuates your waist. By adding these things you are dressing up your t-shirt and making it more of an outfit and not so much just something you threw on.


Outfit #3: For outfit three I paired my $5 Star Wars graphic tee (from my new fav store Five Below), with my $5 Universal Thread booties (from my other fav store Bargain Hunt), and the cutest distressed shortalls from Rue 21 that I got for $7 in ATL. This outfit is so simple yet so cute.Whether you’re going out on the town, spending the day shopping, traveling in the car, going to the farmers market, this outfit is perfect for any event! When I wear graphic tees under my overalls, I usually unbuckle one of the straps and tuck it in the back pocket so you can see the cute graphic tee that is under them. This outfit is also super cute with chunky trendy sneakers, sandals, chacos, and even running shoes! What I love the most about graphic tees is there are so many ways you can style just one graphic tee and get so much wear out of it!


Outfit #4: For outfit four I decided to be bold and do one of my favorite things ever, print mixing! Some may not think this is the cutest or most stylish look ever, but that’s okay! I’m here to show you ways that you can add funky trends to your personal wardrobe and actually like it. (so if you are not a fan of print mixing just yet, skip over this look). I am clearly a huge fan of anything dramatic and being the most extra I can possibly be. So with that being said; I paired my $5 marvel graphic tee from Five Below with this crazy denim camo skirt from Rue 21, added a funky $5 pair of glasses from Five Below (pls sponsor me), threw my favorite accessory ever on: a hat, and finished the look with a bulky trendy white sneaker. I adored this look for so many reasons, one being that it’s probably the most dramatic look I’ve gone with in a long time, it was so comfy for a full day of shopping and exploring my small town, I got to rep the best movies, and lastly it was super affordable (the whole outfit including shoes was under $50 but shh.. don’t tell all my secrets). So moral of the story: if you like print mixing like me but feel unsure of it.. just go for it! Although there are a few don’ts to print mixing, if you feel confident in it, just wear it (and share pictures of the outfit with me because i’m a huge fan)!!! The more print mixing you experiment with, the better you get with seeing what works and what doesn’t.


Outfit #5: Pants Outfit

Outfit #5: Skirt Outfit For outfit five I paired yet again another $5 graphic tee from Five Below, two separate ways.  I broke out the flare leather skirt, the black studded mules, a denim jacket (that’s actually not my Levis one I have shared on here 38329 times), and a “stay strange” graphic tee. These retro, mega flare jeans look so cute with any graphic tee tied in a front knot and worn with some mules or sandals. The second look with the leather skirt would be perfect for going to a concert. Speaking of concerts, the best things to buy at concerts are the graphic tees with the band you are seeing printed on them. Reason is: you can pair it with any of these looks on today’s blog and not only rep the band you just saw, but look cute doing it!


Outfit #6: Lastly for outfit six I paired my Captain Marvel $8 shirt from Walmart with this asymmetrical skort from forever 21 (from like 3 years ago), my black studded mules, and of course yet another straw hat. This outfit you could also wear with a denim jacket, or flannel around the waist, take away the straw hat and mules and throw on some sneakers, or even put a denim jacket and some thigh high black boots! This skort dresses up the graphic tee just enough where you don’t need too many accessories. This outfit would be perfect for walking the beach, a dinner out (if you put a pair of wedges and a cardigan with it), or even just for lounging around reading a book.


…. Moral of the story, if you love a good graphic tee and weren’t sure how to style it before, I hoped this helped. If you have never bought a graphic tee or clicked on this for affordable graphic tees, my best suggestions are Five Below (they carry XS-XL) and Walmart men’s section (they carry S-3xL, the 3XL was the size I used to wear as a dress).  As always I linked everything (some similar pieces because I couldn’t find my exact pieces) by each outfit, a lot of the deals are only found in stores so if you notice I said one price and you clicked my link to it on the website and it was higher, just check in stores. I hope you all enjoyed yet another blog of some of my tips and tricks and  hope to see pictures of you trying out some looks of your own! Thank you all for the love and support. If you have any questions or specifics feel free to reach out to me on my personal instagram @Youngmotes or my fashion insta @inTHREADablefindS and as always put your email in above to be notified every time I post. Stay tuned for my next blog on all things Greenville and Travelers Rest, SC, and some summer outfits and deals you don’t want to miss out on!

xoxo- inTHREADable findS

Suit up for summertime

Suit up for summertime

HEY FRIENDS!!! Welcome back to my blog!! 

              It is finally that time of year for suits, shorts, tank tops, and sandals.. but let’s all face it.. it’s really just better known as, swimsuit season. On today’s blog I decided to share four of my newest suits to kick off summer time. If you know me, you know another swim suit was TRULY not needed (like I am embarrassed at how many I already have). However,  I figured all of you needed to hear about these super cute suits for super sweet deals (and of course another excuse to buy myself more suits so thank you all lol). So with all that being said.. if you want to see a few of my favorite places to get affordable swimwear,  as well as a few of my favorite styles this season, keep on scrolling..

( To shop each look just simply click where it says “Suit #1.. Suit #2.. and Suit #3… Suit #4..)

Suit #1: Snakeskin Suit + Earrings

I got suit #1 from shein.com for only $11 and paired it with these $3 earrings! I love this website because it’s what is currently trendy except with an affordable price tag. My recommendation is to always always always check reviews that have photos and only buy things that have reviews in general (unless you wanna be risky, go for it.. BUY ALL THE THINGS LOL). I have ordered plenty of swimsuits from this website, simply because they are so affordable and so cute! Like I stated before I only buy things with reviews and check the sizing chart before assuming my size. This suit looked extremely skimpy in the photos, but after checking the photo reviews and sizing up, it’s the perfect fit, not too skimpy and it fits great! These super cute earrings I paired with it are dirt cheap, reliable, and fun for summer (I recommend all of their jewelry and accessories in general). Overall love this suit (will be featured in an upcoming blog as well) and website and would for sure recommend this site to a sis on a budget!


Suit #2: Bunny Tie Suit

Swimsuit #2 is from the one and only walmart.com SHOCKED.. RIGHT?!?! And that’s not even the best part.. the best part is each piece is only $7.96 each!! THAT IS A MAJOR DEAL MY FRIENDS. Honestly for those of you who don’t know it, Walmart is really stepping their game up in the fashion department for sure. Don’t believe me? The next time you find yourself in Walmart for groceries make sure to check out the clothing section and tell me you aren’t S H O O K!!! This swimsuit was among many super cute and affordable swimsuits my local Walmart had. So make sure to check your local Walmart or walmart.com to find this cute suit as well as many others this season!

Suit #3: Forever 21

Swimsuit #3 is from Forever 21 during the 2 for $15 swimsuit sale! This suit is super cute on and although it seems thin and cheeky it actually has good coverage and is super well made! For a $15 basic suit, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!

Suit #4: Malindi Suit

I got this suit from Altar’d State.com.  They have the cutest suits on sale currently for such good prices! This is the softest suit i’ve ever worn!



Here are a few more places to look for affordable swimwear that I didn’t mention above..

Target, TJmaxx, Rue 21, Old Navy, Romwe, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Marshalls

I hope this wee bit of information on a few of my favorite affordable swimsuit stores and stores in general has helped get you ready for kicking off summer! I am a huge swimsuit junkie so if you’re interested in my sizing/ fit of swimwear or need more suggestions on where to get more suits, feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media platforms!  If you don’t already, don’t forget to follow my personal instagram account @Youngmotes and of course my fashion insta @inTHREADablefindS as well as putting your email in above to get  notifications every-time a blog post is live! I am so exited it’s finally summer and cannot wait to share on the next few blog post my favorite summer go-to pieces, easy affordable summer looks, and so many more summer must haves.. so STAY TUNED FRIENDS BECAUSE A LOT OF CUTE STUFF IS COMING TO THE BLOG!!!

xoxo- inTHREADable findS

See ya soon pants, hello summer

See ya soon pants, hello summer


I know I have been a little MIA lately (because school and life) but don’t worry I have so much upcoming content I cannot wait to share! On today’s Blog I had the best time in Downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina shooting some of the last looks in my favorite pants and some transitioning into summer key pieces. If you wanna see the cutest areas in Downtown Spartanburg, as well as a few of my favorite transitioning into summer looks, keep scrolling and as always…
Thank you for joining in on this months blog

Outfit 1:

First things first.. can we talk about how dang cute this little succulent inspired lightbulb is! The city of Spartanburg has about 28 differently painted/styled lightbulbs all around the downtown area. These bulbs are an art program done by the Spartanburg Art museum and are painted by individual artists. I will link all the information to the bulbs around Spartanburg below in case you want to check them out as well!

Art bulbs (SAM project)

Another super cute find is these $8 snakeskin pants from Walmart.. yes WALMART. These pants are super comfy and lightweight and let’s not forget AFFORDABLE! I paired them with the cutest $8 tee from Target and my oversized denim jacket from Levis! This target shirt is going to be so cute paired with denim shorts and sandals or even a mini skirt for summer!

Shop this look: Outfit 1


Outfit 2:

For outfit #2 I paired that same charcoal top with white mega flow summer pants and a snakeskin bootie. This outfit is super versatile and simple yet so summer like! This little purse will be used so much this summer for vacay, the beach, a night out, photos etc etc.

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Outfit 3:

And finally the last outfit of today’s blog features my favorite pants E V E R. These Mumu pants are the cutest, most comfy, flattering, perfect flare corduroy pants I have ever owned. I am so sad because they are corduroy and cannot be brought into summer, but I had to capture them into this blog since I now can officially put away all winter clothing and officially start blogging summer looks!! WOOOO!! I paired them with this $15 shirt from Altar’d State that is the cutest boho/lace detail and will be perfect to pair with a simple denim short, strappy sandal, straw purse, and of course a cute floppy hat.

Shop this look: Outfit 3


…  Saying goodbye to these pants for this season is sad but I am so excited it’s finally getting warm and I now can start sharing cute summer looks with all of you!

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Ringin’ in Spring

Ringin’ in Spring

Hey friends welcome back to my blog!
As much as I have loved fall and winter this year, I am so ready for spring and warmer days that are ahead! I figured what better way to feel those spring vibes than to shop Altar’d States’ new spring line and share with you my favorite pieces! I have worked at Altar’d State for about two and a half years, and I can honestly say this is the best spring line we have had to this day.. even before I started working here. So with that being said, I decided to put on a few of my favorite pieces and share them on here with all of you so you can also get excited for spring and go get these pieces for yourself! (If you are wondering what Altar’d State is, scroll all the way to the bottom for more information).


Outfit 1: The first look I want to share is hands down my favorite outfit currently! I paired this super cute multi colored crop top with a pair of white flowy high rise linen pants (from a small beach store in AL)  and of course the cutest floppy hat ever (bought from Altar’d State like 3 years ago). So simple yet so cute and so perfect for spring! This little top would be super cute styled with white flare jeans and a denim jacket, or even a denim skirt and a pair of gladiator sandals for going out on the town! This shirt has limitless options you could put it with so make sure to snag yours as soon as possible! (it also comes in plain dusty blue, and then navy blue with the tan and peach)

Shop outfit #1:

Colored crop top

Gold hoops



Outfit 2:

For the second outfit I paired these mustard linen pants with the cutest white lace shirt and tied a simple denim shirt around my waste to add some more texture to this look. This look is perfect for a spring day downtown or a walk on the beach! I am loving these pants because they are so easy to wear any way. You can dress them up with heels and a dressy blouse, or dress it down with sneakers and a graphic tee, or even wear them on top of your swimsuit! I am all about making things versatile; that’s what is so great about the new spring line at AS, is there are endless key outfit pieces that you can do this with. But let’s talk about how cute this leopard pint hair scarf I have tied around my basket purse (bought at AS last year) is! It’s so cute to wear in your hair on bad hair days, going to the pool or beach, or even just putting it around a top knot is super cute and easy! I have been loving these hair scarves lately even just styled on a bag, or a belt loop on your jeans, or wrapped around your wrist. It truly can makes a simple look so much more vibrant!

Shop outfit #2:

White lace shirt

Mustard pants

Grey Hat

Leopard hair scarf


Outfit 3:

And last but not least, the most popular pants to ever hit Altar’d State! Our newest mega flare pinstripe denim jeans have been quite the hit for our spring line, and we have the hardest time keeping them in stock. They are still available on the website, so if you move fast enough you might can have a pair as well! A little tip on fit and sizing, I’m 5’9 and they are perfect length with a 2″ heel. However, I do recommend going up one size because they tend to run on the smaller side. These pants are for sure my favorite pants I have ever owned (and I own a ton of pants lol)! They make the cutest spring outfits and are perfect for girls night, date night, or even just a day at work. I paired them with the super cute lace top from outfit 2 and of course the iconic basket purse from last years spring collection. You could also pair these with a  graphic tee and sneakers, a work blazer and heels, or even a pair of sandals and a cropped hoodie for an everyday look!

Shop outfit #3:

Flare jeans

White lace top

Leopard hair scarf

Hopefully you love these new spring pieces just as much as I do and get some to add to your closet for this coming spring! If you want more spring outfits or things I would pair together from the new spring line feel free to message me! I would love to help you get spring ready with the best brand in the market!

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A little bit about Altar’d State and what your purchases do:

Altar’d State is a Christian based fashion retail store started by Aaron Walters and Brian Mason. Since 2009 Altar’d State has opened over 100 stores in 30 states and is continuing to open and expand daily. 1% of proceeds every day go towards our mission in Peru to open schools.  Thus far Altar’d State has opened more than 10 schools in Peru. Not only that but, month by month we support local charities in the area where 10% of proceeds each Monday for that month go toward that local charity. Because Altar’d State is a faith based store you will hear Christian music playing through the store (soundtracks available on Spotify), a prayer book in every store’s dressing room, Bible verses and faith sayings on clothes, signs and books and even a generous amount of devotionals, bibles, faith based trendy books and so much more. Visit Altar’dState.com for more information on standing out for good, fashion look books, online shopping, prayer request forms, store locations and so much more to stay connected and Stand Out For Good!

Same outfit… better accessories

Same outfit… better accessories


I mean wow look at me go.. TWO blog post in ONE month (cue the applause)!! I’m telling ya that whole “new year, new me” thing really kinda works huh? It’s all about that positive mindset that really makes you wanna chase after those New Year goals. …Speaking of new goals we should just discuss how we should always start out our New Year or even our new week with a new mindset and personal achievements.

Have you always told yourself you aren’t really a skirt kinda girl? Or a sneaker girl? Maybe even a hat girl? … Well make it a goal to go out of your comfort zone and find a way that suits your style and just go for it! My favorite thing about fashion is you don’t always have to wear certain pieces as they come.. wear a t-shirt with a skirt, or sneakers with a dress, there is no right or wrong way to wear something.

One of the most beautiful things about fashion is that you can wear the same pieces but you can create two different esthetics. What do I mean by that? I mean that the same outfit you wore to brunch with your girlfriend can easily be changed into a work outfit within seconds! In my first look I switched out my denim jacket for a free people velvet bomber inspired jacket and some vans sneakers for a pair of mules and BOOM ready for work or night out!

I love pairing graphic tee’s with business casual pants! Graphic tee’s are a great way to transition a look by the most simple pieces. Whether you are wearing a graphic tee with big earrings and a skirt, a graphic tee tied in a knot layered on top of a dress, or even just a graphic tee, big earrings, and a pair of heels you are always ready to conquer the day.

Another great tip for transitioning an outfit from day-night/ casual-fancy is through accessories. Accessories such as hats and purses to me are the easiest pieces to do the job! While we are talking about super awesome fashion things let’s talk about how big of a jackpot I hit on these overalls! I got these super stinkin cute overalls during Belk’s 75% bonus buys deal (which is still happening) for $6!!!!! Yes SIX DOLLARS!!! (I’m linking them below however they went up a few dollars but still a great price) Next I paired them with this comfy and trendy pullover from Altar’d states semi annual sale for only $15 (no this isn’t with my employee discount lol, all sale is an additional 70% off right now). My favorite new “trend” is this cute belt purse/fanny pack bag. How cute is it paired with the overalls and this felt fedora hat! Easiest pieces to add to really complete the look!

To dress this look down a bit I ditched the hat and purse and decided to take a flannel around the waist instead. Crazy how the smallest accessories portray an outfit. So wonderful and so easy it seems unreal!

Well if you read this far down I truly hope this helps a tad bit and gives a few ideas and tips on how go out of your comfort zone or explore your closet for random pieces to add to your day to day outfits! If you end up using a few things from this make sure to shoot me a DM or tag me in some pics I would love to see how you applied these things to your wardrobe!

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Click to shop the pieces discussed above:


Steve madden belt purse



Orange neck scarf

Denim jacket (pins not included lol)

Don’t go bacon my heart shirt (similar)

Colorado Trip

Colorado Trip

Ahhhh as i’m sitting here thinking about how I now have to put 2019 instead of 2018 on everything it truly makes me reflect on how wonderful yet tough this year has been. Although this has been the best year yet I can also say I faced many trials I never thought I would.
This year I traveled with my best girlfriends twice to Hawaii (YEAH TWICE I AM TRULY LIVING MY BEST LIFE), many areas around Georgia and SC, and the most recent to Denver and Breckenridge Colorado. If you know me you know how excited I am to finally have met my lifetime friends and what a perk it is they love to travel just as much as me! God truly has been working in my life this year and opening so many doors I truly needed to open, these sweet friends of mine being one of the best. With that being said heres a few things we did/recommend in Colorado and of course stay tuned for where we are headed next.. WE HAVE EVEN BIGGER PLANS COMING …


I have some MAJOR recommendations for Denver and Breckenridge.. keep reading for the best and worst stops in Denver .. (For some of these I will go into depth and for others ill just keep it short and simple but if you have extended questions feel free to shoot me an IG message or an email and I would be happy to elaborate!)

Day 1-6: Denver, Colorado 5,280 feet above sea level.

Day 7: Breckenridge, Colorado 9,600 feet above sea level.

Denver Do’s…

Milk Market: First on the list you HAVE to visit the Denver Milk Market. Oh my gosh seriously the prettiest most cute area ever! The milk Market is a 16 Venue area including small shops, bars, restaurants, arts and crafts, the cutest decorated alley way, and even more! This to me was by far the BEST part of my trip, even tho it seems so small it was the cutest little area and made my heat so full! Experiencing the crisp air with a macaroon in my hand and surrounded by local shopping and art was a DREAM!

Scooters (skip this if you don’t want to rent the coolest scooters/ best transportation method ever):Second on the list RENT THE SCOOTERS they have around town they are literally dirt cheap ($1 to start them and then 15 cent every minute after that, which is cheaper than an Uber and WAY more fun I promise (they go 15 mph so you really can scoot around pretty quick)). You just download the app based on which scooter you want/see (theres about 4 or 5 companies that own them including spin, lime, razor, bird, and lyft and probably a few others but these are the most popular) and you then just scan the QR code on the scooter and hook up your debit card and start scootin. The best part of these are you find them anywhere and can see where they are located based on the map on the app, and then no matter where you are whenever you’re done you just stop riding and click end ride on the app and BOOM a great time was had. 11/10 recommend these for sure!

Eating: Menya Noodle Bar, Motoaki, Voodoo donuts, aquarium restaurant, Snooze breakfast, Ice cream riot, purple door coffee, Crepes A La Cart, Prodigy Coffee, any kind of breakfast burritos, Hammonds candy factory

Fun places to go: Denver Pavilions,  Hammonds candy factory, Scooters downtown, milk market, Union station, ride the buss and trains, check and see what local markets are in and GO GO GO, Aquarium, Tattered covered bookstore, Cherry Creek mall, East Colfax Mural walls, Art district on Santa fe, Denver Zoo,Downtown Denver, FTW arcade and bowling at Denver Pavilions

Breckenridge, Colorado

I would love to share all of the beautiful and yummy areas but sadly we only stayed for about an hour or so i’ll just share the things we did that you have to do.

Yummy foods: For sure go to Crepes A La Cart on main street and get the s’mores crepe, BEST CREPES EVER! It is a small little hole in the wall but for sure recommend going and getting your crepe and walking the main street of Breckenridge. Breckenridge looks exactly like a little town out of a Hallmark movie so I truly recommend just walking around and hitting all the local shops and just taking in the whole little town for an entire day.

Riding the gondola lift: Whether or not you are skiing or not the gondola is a great spot to just look over the whole town of Breckenridge and see how breathtaking the snowy mountains are. It is a 30 minute ride (give or take) but it is worth every breathtaking moment to see the views .


… Just make sure to leave plenty of time to have just to walk around the main streets for some small town shopping. There is also TONS of areas for photos and just random stops with coffee and treats so make sure to stop by those as well!




Just a few of my  Denver don’ts/not my favs :

Amethyst coffee: As pretty as the coffee was in photos it was for sure somewhere I wouldn’t return, such a cute and artsy place to see, the coffee just isn’t the best. I do recommend going and seeing the place as well as walking around it but if you are looking for decent really good coffee this isn’t the place for you.


California Pizza Company: Probably the WORST service I have ever received in my whole life.. we sat for nearly 25 mins before someone even came and introduced themselves as our server and it was nothing but downhill from there.. the food was also NOT good what so ever so don’t wast your money peeps.

Denver Art Museum (opinion only): If you are not an art museum kinda person I can promise you you will not like the Denver Art Museum( or any art museum at all). I will say theres like a solid 2-3 really cool 3D sculptures but other than that i’m just not an Art Museum kinda gal. (Sorry for those of you who love art museums, nothing wrong with that just sharing my personal opinion that I don’t like them so sorry).


Red Rocks Amphitheater: Okay so before everyone goes crazy (lol) I think this would be an UNREAL experience if there was a concert going with all the stage lights and acoustics being used. HOWEVER if you’re just going to see it like during the day and walk around, I don’t recommend. If we are being honest tho there is TONS of good lighting for cute pics (pretty much what I was there for). But if you are going to drive far to it, I would only recommend going for a concert.


A few tips before heading to CO: I highly recommend drinking two times the normal amount of water you would usually drink about 2-3 days before leaving for Colorado and continuing that throughout the entire trip. Altitude sickness is truly no joke. If you are going during the winter or going skiing/snowboarding my best tip is to pack TONS of layers(thermals, tank tops, extra sweatshirts, beanies etc) and roll each item individually in your suit case making room for even more. My favorites to pack during the cold weather traveling would be tights, leggings, long johns, thermals, anything fleece lined, and wear more than two pairs of socks with any and all shoes. Colorado was truly a dream and I cannot wait to back!

…Ahhhh if you have read and scrolled through all of that truly understand how much it means to have you on my blog and doing life with me one blog at a time! I really hope it helps if you ever go to Colorado or anywhere cold for that matter! Don’t forget to follow my inTHREADablefindS instagram as well as my personal instagram: youngmotes and put your email in above in order to get notifications every time a blog is posted! If you have any further questions or wanna know more please shoot me a DM or an email I would love to chat!

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( I know I will get this question so i’m just going to go ahead and post the camera I used here in a clickable link: Cannon M50 White )